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Technomight is a strong supporter of Hi-End Content Rich Interactive, Audio Visual & Immersive Presentation Facilities and have been promoting these technologies to Education, Broadcast, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Airlines, Military, Sporting and Hospitality Industries in the region over the last 12 years.
 Technomight's local experience comprises of a significant role played by our designers, engineers, and project managers in more than 400 projects in the Arabian Gulf region. Some of the most significant projects being; Qatar Robotics Surgery Center, Qatar Telecommunications - NOC, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tornado Tower - QIPCO Holdings, Qatar Telecommunications - Showroom, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Virginia Commonwealth University.
 Technomight is ideally equipped for handling turnkey scope that includes, design, supply, installation, commissioning, programming, training and maintenance.


Technomight offer cutting edge technologies from Fully Automated Audio, Visual, Lighting & Control Systems to Broadcast Infrastructure Solutions. We offer a broad range of technologies such as Immersive 3-Dimensional Visualization Solutions, Large Scale Video-wall Solutions, Command & Control Centre Solutions, Digital Video & Audio Switching, Distributed PA & BGM Systems, Digital Multimedia Solutions for large venues such as Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Hotels etc. Simultaneous Translation & Interpretation Systems, Digital Signage Systems, Video Conferencing Solutions, Special Purpose Audio Systems for Stadiums, Auditoriums, Mosques and Churches.


Technomight offer first class engineering support, maintenance and logistics support. Engineering support such as site surveys, design, installation, integration, configuration, commissioning and post sales support is provided by engineers and technicians, who between them have a cumulative 200 years of relevant experience and in most cases are trained and certified by our partners/ manufacturers. This professional manpower is backed by support arrangements that include spare parts, stores, return material agreements, standard/special escalation procedures, and training updates. For critical applications, are able to provide the services of engineers trained by manufacturers to provide 24 / 7 critical technical support to keep systems up and running with the least MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).


Technomight have been consistently at the forefront of technology and have time and again proved this by their involvement in some of the most technically challenging and mission critical projects in this region. The confidence and mutual satisfaction shown by our esteemed clients such QTEL, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Robotics Surgery Center etc. are a testimony to our commitment